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More than 600,000 vasectomies are performed annually in North America!
Learn all about the techniques and let us walk you through the decision making process.

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Vasectomy Reversal

5 to 10% of vasectomized men undergo a vasectomy reversal annually. In recent years new techniques and more micro-surgeons have greatly improved obtaining a successful pregnancy. Learn all about the surgery and what to consider.

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Conventional vasectomy

The same end result is obtained with both the conventional and the no-scalpel methods. However, the main differentiation between the two methods is the way the doctor locates the vas tubes.


Step 1 What to Consider

Long term considerations Is vasectomy right for you? Factors to consider in the decision process.

Vasectomy cost Find out all the expenses, insurance coverage and comparisons.

Sperm banking All men considering a vasectomy should also consider sperm banking.

Possible Complications Covers complications, vasectomy risks, vasectomy pain and vasectomy side effects and post vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS).

Vasectomy Side Effects Vasectomy side effects, long and short term, negative and positive.

Vasectomy Canada What is different about getting a vasectomy in Canada.

Step 2 About The Procedure

Procedure and diagram illustration Explanation and diagram illustration of a vasectomy including the no-needle verses needle techniques.

Recovery What to expect following the conventional vasectomy and what you can and cannot do.

Confirming sterility You are not sterile immediately after the vasectomy. Learn how long this takes and how to test.

Step 3 Decided to Go-Ahead

Choosing physician wisely A helpful guide to utilize when choosing a vasectomy doctor.

Arranging a conventional vasectomy What are the first steps and what to expect during the first appointment.

Getting ready for a vasectomy Preparation begins two weeks before including what to do before arriving at the doctor's office.

No-Scalpel vasectomy

NSV is comparatively faster, has a swifter recovery time, considered is safer and can be virtually pain free.


Step 1 What to Consider

Long term considerations Vasectomy should be considered a lifetime decision. Consider the possibility of unforeseen changes in life.

No-scalpel vasectomy cost Costs include initial consultation, the surgery, medical supplies to have on hand and follow-up semen analyses.

Sperm banking Up to 10% of men change their minds. Sperm banking is a good alternative to vasectomy reversal.

Vasectomy pain and complications After surgery, there are possible complications. Learn what to do.

NSV Side Effects Long & Short Term NSV side effects, long-term, short-term and bogus.

Step 2 About The Procedure

The no-scalpel vasectomy technique An illustration and explaination of how a vasectomy works.

The procedure (including no-needle) About how the procedure is performed, including differrent techniques and freezing alternatives.

Diagram illustration of nsv A step-by-step diagram illustration of a no-scalpel vasectomy.

NSV video demonstration A video demonstration of a no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy.

Recovery Instructions for optimum recovery and success following an nsv.

Confirming sterility At least 2 and sometimes more semen analyses are needed to confirm a sucessful vasectomy.

Step 3 Decided to Go-Ahead

Arranging a no-scalpel vasectomy Walking you through finding a doctor and all the steps ahead.

Choosing nsv physician wisely Issues to consider when choosing a no-scalpel vasectomy doctor.

Getting ready for nsv What to have on hand and what to prepare for, before the no-scalpel vasectomy surgury.

vasectomy reversal

Some basic terms of anatomy and functions to better understand a vasectomy reversal.
Frequently Asked Questions containing a comprehensive list of concerns.


Step 1 What to Consider

Pre and post operative considerations What you and your vasectomy reversal doctor will consider and assess.

Success rates and their determinants Factors to take into account and expected results of a vasovasotomy verses vasoepididymostomy.

Vasectomy reversal cost Since there is a range of choices and prices, find an option to fit your budget

Vasectomy reversal in Canada Factors to take into account when investigating a vasectomy reversal in Canada.

Alternatives When a couple should consider alternative reproductive techniques.

Step 2 About The Procedure

Laboratory testing & Sperm Banking Possible tests before your vasectomy reversal

Types of reconnection The difference between a vasovasotomy and a vasoepididymostomy.

The procedure How a vasectomy reversal is performed and what determines the technique used.

Recovery Medications to have on hand and permitted activities following the surgery.

Complications & failure Possible complications following surgery, why to consider sperm banking and failure.

Step 3 Decided to Go-Ahead

Choosing physician wisely What to consider when choosing your vasectomy reversal doctor.

Trusted Information

Turn to Sources for a bibliography on our sources of information. Exceptions are found when sources are noted at the bottom of a page. We aim to provide trusted, comprehensive and accurate information.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and concerns

Vasectomy FAQ - Vasectomy Reversal FAQ


Vasectomy - Learn about birth control methods.

Vasectomy Reversal - When to consider repeating a vasectomy reversal or use ...

Anatomy and Terms

Learn Anatomy and Terms to better understand the website content. The terms of anatomy and the functions are common to conventional vasectomy, no-scalpel vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

Trusted Information Sources

Up-to-date advances, trends and related information affecting decsions before and after your vasectomy and/or vasectomy reversal.

Website Supplementary Articles

Tubal Ligation verses Vasectomy The risks and benefits of tubal ligation (for the female partner) verses vasectomy (for the male partner) are an important consideration.

SpermCheck Vasectomy Perform the sterility test to confirm your vasectomy is a success at home.

Mini-Incision Vasectomy Reversal - Adopting the Principles of the No-Scalpel Vasectomy A new vasectomy reversal technique using incisions less than 1 cm offering less post-operative pain and functional quicker recovery.

Links For a list of resources to that go beyond what is offered, here are more sources of information about and related to conventional vasectomy, no-scalpel vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

Books in USA offering guidance and contraception methods Books in Canada offering guidance and contraception methods

Financing Options in the USA Financing Options in Canada

Drugstore Purchases to Have On-Hand Items to have on hand following your vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

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