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  • Is Vasectomy Safe?: Medical Risks and Legal Implications by H.J. Boberts, H. J. Roberts
    (Audio Cassette - May 1993)
    -The book discusses the overlooked hazards of elective vasectomy surgery and the delayed immunologic effects.

  • The truth about vasectomy by Louis J. Rosenfeld

  • Vasectomy - Before and After by Lou Zaninovich
    -Prompted by disgruntled men who were not warned of the possible problems they sufferred from after vasectomy, this book offers advice on prevention and treatment.

  • No-Scalpel Vasectomy: An Illustrated Guide for Surgeons by Betty Gonzales
    (Spiral-bound - September 1994)

  • Control of male fertility : proceedings of a Workshop on Control of Male Fertility held in San Francisco, California Medical Dept., Harper & Row

  • Vasectomy, immunologic and pathophysiologic effects in animals and man Academic Pr

  • The Complete Reference Book on Vasectomy by Michael. Greenfield

  • Vasectomy, Sex, and Parenthood by Norman. Fleishman

  • Vasectomy; the truth and consequences of the newest form of birth control--male sterilization by John J. Fried
    -This book may have been one of the first to notice links between vasectomy and long term complications in the immune system using many statistics and surveys reported and defining the justification for providing vasectomies even though there were poor long term results.

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