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No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NNNSV) / No-Needle Vasectomy

About the No-Needle Technique

The no-needle vasectomy is an alternative method for anesthetising which was introduced in 2001 by a pioneering doctor who reported successful results. During past three years, the no-needle vasectomy or no-needle, no scalpel vasectomy (NNNSV) has gained greater acceptance and name recognition.

General acceptance for the jet anaesthetic began when a case study was published in the May 2005 edition of the Journal of Urology, followed by a presentation in the same month during the annual meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA). The no needle jet anaesthetic technique show-cased findings involving 465 patients who underwent a vasectomy using the no-needle jet anaesthetic technique.

Anesthetising Compared

Anesthetising is necessary to numb the area of the scrotom around the vas deferens prior to commencing the vasectomy surgery. Both methods are considered effective.

Traditional Vasectomy Anaesthetic

The anaesthetic is delivered by inserting a needle into the scrotum to anaesthetize the area around each vas deferens prior to surgery.

No-Needle Vasectomy Technique

The anaesthetic is delivered via a jet anaesthetic into the target area with a no needle jet injection. The study’s findings suggest the following advantages:

  • Reduction/elimination of patients' fear of needles
  • Less painful
  • Less invasive
  • The technique is simplified for the surgeon

Today many vasectomy doctors have adopted the no-needle technique and show-case it as an advantage offered.

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