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Alere SpermCheck®

Home Test Confirms the Success of a Vasectomy

Why was Alere SpermCheck® Vasectomy Developed?
Alere SpermCheck Vasectomy device Several studies indicate that 36% to 42% of patients DO NOT return to their physician's office to validate their vasectomy1 2. With Alere SpermCheck Vasectomy, now they can confirm the success of their vasectomy in the privacy of their home . Reasons cited for men not returning for post-vasectomy testing include: a misunderstanding for the need for follow-up testing, lack of time, and the inconvenience and embarrassment of delivering a semen sample in the physician's office. Sperm remains in the male reproductive tract for some time after a vasectomy, and follow-up testing confirms the vasectomy's success. Alere SpermCheck Vasectomy determines that the number of sperm has dropped to a very low level and helps patients know when it's safe to discontinue use of other contraceptive methods.

The Alere SpermCheck® Vasectomy Test
Alere SpermCheck® Vasectomy is a FDA cleared, rapid test for confirming sterility at the home following a vasectomy. The test was developed to offer privacy, reduce the need to return to the physician's office with semen samples, provide cost savings, and increase compliance with required post-vasectomy testing. With Alere SpermCheck Vasectomy, the test process takes place in the privacy of your own home and results take in less than 30 minutes. The accuracy is considered equivalent to a microscopic sperm test currently provided by laboratories.

How Does Alere SpermCheck® Vasectomy Confirm Sterility After a Vasectomy?
Alere SpermCheck® Vasectomy has a sample well where five drops of semen are placed after being mixed with a solution in the kit. If sperm are present in the semen, a line appears in the Alere SpermCheck Vasectomy device window at the mark T, indicating a positive result. If the T line appears, then unacceptably high levels of sperm are present in the semen and additional time is needed to clear these sperm. A positive test means retesting again in about a month is required. If the T line is absent, indicating a negative result, sperm have fallen to very low levels or are absent. A negative result means that the sperm count is below a level shown by scientific studies to present no significant risk of pregnancy. Remember; two tests are necessary.

When to Test Using SpermCheck® Vasectomy?
Temporary male birth control measures are needed until vasectomy success is confirmed (sterility).Use Alere SpermCheck Vasectomy to test 60 and 90 days after your vasectomy unless your physician tells you otherwise. Speak to your physician about home testing with the Alere SpermCheck® Vasectomy Home Monitoring Program.

Is Alere SpermCheck® Vasectomy Necessary After Testing Negative Twice?
Sometimes a channel may form that reconnects the ends of the vas deferens and allows sperm to re-enter the semen. This is called "recanalization" and usually occurs within a couple of months after vasectomy (early recanalization). Although it is rare, a recanalization can also occur after that (late recanalization). Based on a compilation of vasectomy studies, the occurrence of vasectomy failure or recanalization is about 0.4%, or 1 in every 238 vasectomies3 . Alere SpermCheck® Vasectomy can be used a year or more after your vasectomy to confirm that sperm have not reappeared in the semen.

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