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Tubal Ligation vs. Vasectomy

Choosing permanent birth control comes down to a decision between tubal sterilization (Essure or tubal ligation) for the woman and or vasectomy for the man.

The author performs both Vasectomy and Essure and Tubal Ligation


Tubal Ligation vs. Vasectomy birth control for men The diagram shows conventional tubal ligation (sterilization for women). . The surgery involves sealing the fallopian tubes (sometimes called "having one's tubes tied"). --> Today it is common for couples to tackle the question of who should undergo permanent sterilization in order to achieve permanent and reliable birth control. This is a choice between tubal ligations and vasectomy. Vasectomy vs Tubal Ligation
Vasectomy is male permanent birth control or sterilization, achieved by severing the vas deferens (the vas tubes), that carry semen to the ejaculate.
Though a couple often decides together which permanent birth control procedure is best for them, it is the individual who ultimately is affected for the rest of his or her life. That individual must be comfortable with the vasectomy or tubal ligation procedure because this decision should be looked upon as being permanent sterilization, with or without their spouse in the future.

For male birth control, permanent birth control is achieved by undergoing a vasectomy procedure. A vasectomy prevents sperm from entering the semen.

Essure vs. Vasectomy birth control for Men - The diagram shows the Essure tubal ligation (sterilization for women). The insertion of the 1.5 inch-long device into the Fallopian tubes, is performed in-office without invasive surgery. There are two tubal ligation alternatives for women seeking sterilization. The first alternative for permanent birth control is achieved by traditional tubal ligation. A less invasive alternative tubal ligation is the Essure™ and the less common, Adiana™ procedures. Tubal ligation (also called "tubal") is a surgery that blocks the fallopian tubes of a woman; Essure™ and Adiana™ are a more recently developed, non-surgical method of accomplishing the same result, called hysteroscopic sterilization. Adiana is no longer being manufactured as of April of 2012.

To undergo permanent birth control surgery, be it vasectomy, tubal or Essure, is a major decision that is voluntary and does not require spousal consent. However, both parties should have an understanding of the procedures, benefits, alternatives and potential risks. This ../includes knowing and comparing the risks and complications, the options for anesthesia and the possibility of pregnancy after the procedure. Vasectomy and tubal ligations (including Essure and Adiana) should be considered permanent sterilization for women and men. Reversing these procedures is much more involved, not always successful and rarely covered by insurance plans.

Shared general considerations regarding permanent birth control

For vasectomy, tubal ligation and the Essure procedures, the decision to undergo these birth control options have the following pros and cons / dangers / advantages & disadvantages in common.

Age: The younger a person is when they choose permanent birth control, the higher the likelihood they will regret their decision some day. This is a disadvantage (or con). Whether its vasectomy, "tubal" or Essure™ procedures, this consideration is important because:

  • They simply have more time to change their mind than an older person does;
  • They also are more likely to have a different partner someday than the one they are with at the time of the procedure.

With a new partner, often comes a desire for more children. Most studies find that the risk of regret is higher when someone is under 30 when they choose permanent birth control.

Number of Children: Almost always, a couple or an individual has taken into consideration having children before deciding to permanently end their ability to do so, but not always. Ideally the number of children desired, whether it is zero or ten, has been taken into consideration prior to starting a family. Even without this foresight and planning, a couple usually knows the right time for a vasectomy procedure or for undergoing a "tubal". When the thought of having a child actually creates a feeling of anxiety or fear, then they are often willing to make a life long commitment to avoid more children. In order to achieve the higher effective birth control rates this means undergoing a "tubal ligation" or vasectomy surgical procedure.

Other Considerations: Often it comes down to more practical considerations when deciding who undergoes the permanent birth control procedure, like:

  • Which of you has better health insurance coverage,
  • Which of you can take some time away for the procedure and recovery and
  • Which of you is mentally and physically better equipped to go through a medical procedure?

Sterilization for the woman or the man is something that needs to be taken seriously since it is considered permanent. Each person needs to assess and decide when these considerations fit their situation and time is right for a vasectomy or tubal ligation.

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Tubal v. Vasectomy Summary
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