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The author, Dr. Donald Snyder, performs both vasectomy and Essure Tubal Ligation.

Tubal Ligation verses Vasectomy – Part V

Summary: Tubal Ligation verses Vasectomy

Dr. Donald Snyder

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Though a couple often decides together which permanent birth control procedure is best for them, it is the individual who ultimately is affected for the rest of his or her life. That individual must be comfortable with the sterilization procedure because this procedure should be regarded as permanent, with or without their spouse in the future.

When comparing vasectomy verses conventional tubal ligation, conventional tubal has more risk, costs more and fails more often than the other forms of permanent birth control. But it remains the most popular method. There are five times more tubal ligations performed worldwide than vasectomies.

The Essure™ tubal ligation method also costs much more than vasectomy, but the recovery is a little faster, and it's as effective as vasectomy.

Vasectomy is the permanent birth control method for men. It is safer, has a faster recovery, a high success rate, and is much less expensive than tubal ligation.

Perhaps if more people took the time to read and understand comparisons like this and more doctors abandoned outdated procedures to adopt superior techniques, the trends would change.

About the Author

Dr. Donald Snyder is a prominent provider of no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy in the Indianapolis area. He has probably done more vasectomies than any other doctor in the Indianapolis area during the last couple of years. His office is located just east of Indianapolis in Greenfield, IN and he has been in practice since 1990 where he used to practice gynecology.

Dr. Snyder is in the unique position to be able to discuss both male and female permanent birth control procedures with couples, and then perform either, depending on the patient's preference. By providing this information he hopes to have shed some light on this important topic of "Vasectomy verses Tubal Ligation."

Vasectomy – No-Scalpel, No Needle: After years of referring out many couples for vasectomies because of the advantages of vasectomy over tubal ligation, Dr. Snyder decided to learn the No Scalpel, No Needle Vasectomy in 2002 in order to serve his patients better. He has refined his technique with additional training and study, and there hasn't been a failed semen analysis in over three years. Over time, he has expanded his vasectomy practice, and performs over 100 vasectomies annually.

Essure Tubal Ligation: In 2003, soon after the Essure tubal ligation procedure was approved by the FDA, Dr. Snyder was one of the first doctors to perform the Essur tubal ligation procedure in the United States. He was a pioneer for providing Essure™ to patients in an office setting (as opposed to the hospital), has contributed data for studies concerning the tolerability, safety, and effectiveness of Essure, and still serves on the Physician Advisory Panel for Conceptus, Inc., the maker of Essure. His office performs over 50 per year.

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Tubal Ligation verses Vasectomy - Contents

About the decision: tubal ligations vs. vasectomy
Shared considerations, pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages

Comparing complications
Comparing the recovery period

Comparing effectiveness
Comparing regret and reversal

Comparing the waiting period
Comparing cost

Tubal v. Vasectomy Summary
About the author, Dr. Donald Snyder

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Dr. Donald Snyder is a prominent provider of no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy in the Indianapolis area.
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