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Vasectomy Procedure for Male Birth Control

For men, undergoing a vasectomy procedure is the most reliable option for achieving male birth control. It is also becoming quite common, when you consider that in Canada and the USA, 600,000 vasectomy procedures are performed annually to achieve male birth control. However a vasectomy has important and serious consequences. So before going forward with a vasectomy procedure, here are some considerations to take into account.

Permanent Male Birth Control

The vasectomy procedure is considered permanent male birth control or sterilization. Getting a vasectomy is relatively easy because, in the USA and Canada vasectomy is usually covered by medical insurance, doesn’t require a referral; it only takes a short time at the doctor’s office to perform and only a few days for recovery. In contrast, reversing a vasectomy procedure involves much more. A vasectomy reversal is expensive, the odds of success are not always good and the cost is rarely covered by insurance. If you are undecided, it is better to utilize from among the other male birth control alternatives.

Vasectomy Risks, Complications and Side Effects

The vasectomy procedure is a surgery and all surgeries involve risks, complications and side effects. During your first appointment, your vasectomy doctor will likely discuss risks associated with the vasectomy procedure. One of the best ways to lower risk is to choose a surgeon who performs vasectomies regularly and provides his complication rates. Fortunately vasectomy complications are not long term, are considered minor and will heal. Complication rates among experienced vasectomy doctors are estimated to be 5%. Such side effects include temporary pain and discomfort caused by bruising and hematoma (bleeding).

The only documented long term vasectomy side effect is called Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome. This vasectomy risk is very low. It can occur immediately after a vasectomy procedure, many months after or even years after a vasectomy. Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome is defined quite broadly as a chronic aching discomfort in the testicles, made worse by intercourse. There are many possible causes and treatments for Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome.

Tubal ligation is a Female Birth Control Alternative

The most reliable option for birth control for the man and woman results in relatively permanent birth control. For the female, this birth control option is tubal ligation. Usually those couples who have completed their families are ready to accept permanent sterilization to achieve reliable birth control. Only the lesser known, Essure™ tubal Ligation procedure offers a comparable to vasectomy with respect to complications and simplicity. However, no matter the reasons to choose a vasectomy procedure over tubal ligation, often it comes down to which partner is mentally and physically better equipped to go through a medical procedure. Learn more here.

Differences in Vasectomy Procedures

Today, many doctors promote a couple of different variations on the traditional vasectomy procedure. One is called no-scalpel vasectomy procedure which does not necessitate use of stitches. Another called “no-needle” utilizes a no-needle injection to numb the area during the vasectomy. Many no-scalpel vasectomy providers offer both, calling the procedure, “no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy” or “NNNSV”. There are also other differences that are at least as significant. One thing to keep in mind is that evidence shows that highly experienced doctors obtain far better results with lower complication rates than inexperienced doctors, no matter the technique employed.

Even though a vasectomy procedure is relatively safe and simple male birth control, before going forward it is important to take the decision seriously because there are consequence and risks. In addition, the vasectomy procedure involves decisions regarding the choice of vasectomy technique and, choosing a vasectomy doctor. If a vasectomy procedure is not right for you, then another male birth control option will have to be utilized.

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