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A paid subscription, is called an “Exclusive” because only one doctor occupies an area or region. Many doctors ask whether their listing will be ranked at the top on search engines for their geographic area. The answer is yes. However is a much more powerful tool. By way of example, according to Google, 480 searches were performed for "vasectomy Seattle" in the month of August (a very popular area). Compare this to 60,500 monthly searches for "vasectomy reversal costs", which is among hundreds of terms is ranked #1 for. And what also distinguishes from all competitors is that our doctors' listings are front and center on every page of the website.

If you make vasectomy and/or vasectomy reversal a significant part of your practice then VasectomyMedical is where you need to be. But be fast. Subscribe, before your area is taken.

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Our no obligation free trial period will demonstrate the proof and our reputation for our commitment to your satisfaction. As you may have noticed, we don’t advertise. Most doctors find us via word-of-mouth or via the internet. So contact us to take the first step. We offer an extended, free, no obligation trial and no doctor has dropped out after this experience. We invest in marketing for doctors, not to doctors. References are available upon request.

When registering either indicate your interest in becoming an Exclusive Doctor or contact us (see below). We'll get back to you with pricing, availability and details. 

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More About for Doctors

For doctors who perform vasectomy and/or vasectomy reversal this is your chance to show-case your practice to highly qualified leads. Since 2001, has been achieving top of search engine results for the information on vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. This is where prospective patients turn to for information and a doctor in their area. The content is trusted and thorough. Prospective patients are walked through the decision making process.

Making Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal a Significant Part of Your Practice

Being an "Exclusive Doctor" will position you out in front of the rest of the doctors on the internet. Those looking for information and doctor read The exposure and payback will be straight forward to measure. The doctors receive monthly reports about visits and can simply confirm search engine rankings by performing a search on Google. A search on the internet and on will reveal your practice at the top. will mean much more to you. Assessing and setting up online content is a partnership between the doctor and Our priority is to ensure you have an effective marketing campaign, so we regularly help assess all the doctor's internet content because only an effective message results in more pateints. And at all times we are available for help and feedback. has been at the top of search listings for finding a doctor and information on vasectomy and vasectomy reversal since 2001 - and continues to gain market prominence. Readers find their doctor and are walked through the decision making process. The information is trusted and thorough.

For those doctors with Exclusive listings, the payback is easily measurable. This can be done with monthly analytic reporting, search engine placement and phone calls to your office.

Once we sign up an Exclusive doctor, our job doesn't end. We are always assessing and re-assessing Exclusive Doctor Listings. This means monthly analytics and advice about content, both on and all your supporting materials. We are available for help and feedback anytime to ensure a successful campaign.

Why the Internet?

Why are some doctors placing so much effort (money) into being seen on the internet, even becoming dominant; while others are tentative to take the first step? These prominent doctors continue to invest in maintaining their positions because they know, first hand, that internet exposure is key to drawing patients. Since before 2001 medical topics have been among the top 3 information subjects searched on the internet (leaving out children and porn). Internet usage has exploded since then and that is why the internet is crucial for procedures like vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

If you are a vasectomy doctor or vasectomy reversal doctor who makes these procedures an important part of your practice you can ill afford to miss out. appreciates that the first step is the most difficult. So take us up on our free no-obligation trial! We'll prove, delivers!

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