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Arranging a No-Scalpel Vasectomy

So you have chosen to have a no-scalpel vasectomy and now you want to know who performs vasectomy and where to find vasectomy doctors and clinics. Getting a vasectomy should be a relatively simple process. Here are the steps involved:

1. Use our search tool to find a doctor in your area and visit the directories.

2. Choosing Your Physician Wisely: A helpful guide for begining the search process for a no-scalpel vasectomy doctor..

*Most health insurers cover the NSV procedure

3. Your First Appointment: Most vasectomy doctors will have you come in for an initial consultation. You are given a detailed information and instruction package to review at the office. Once you have read through the material, which you take home with you, you meet with the doctor to discuss any questions or concerns you may have in a relaxed, friendly and professional setting. Then you are physically examined. If there are no concerns a date for your no-scalpel vasectomy procedure can then be set.

4. Confirming a Successful No-Scalpel Vasectomy: After a vasectomy requires follow-up testing to ensure vasectomy success.

So finding who performs vasectomy and getting a vasectomy should be relatively straight forward. We wish you good luck and if you have any further questions use the contact page to send us an enquiry.

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