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No-Scalpel Vasectomy Cost

The Expenses

A vasectomy involves an initial consultation, the surgery and follow-up semen analyses. Usually they are quoted as inclusive of all three. We don't differentiate between the cost of a No-scalpel and conventional vasectomy as they should be the same. Some physicians also supply an optional supply pack for an extra cost. These supplies, which should be on-hand, in advance of the surgery include:

  • anti-bacterial soap,
  • athletic support,
  • anti-inflammatory medication and
  • mild pain killers

Comparison of Cost

Vasectomy is considered a lower-cost surgical option. Typically the out of pocket costs for vasectomy are affordable, with the procedure performed in-office. By way of example, tubal ligation (female sterilization) can be as much as five times more costly. Additionally it takes longer, is more complex, performed in the hospital and requires general anesthesia.

Vasectomy Cost In the USA

Without insurance coverage, and depending on the geographical location and other variables, a vasectomy cost will range from $500 to $1,000.

With insurance, the cost of the vasectomy is covered partially or completely by health care plans. Contact your insurance advisor in advance to find out about your coverage and how to proceed. The out-of-pocket costs is likely small.

If you do not have a health care plane, ask your physician about what methods of payment are available and how best to lessen the cost. Since the cost is not so high, saving enough to pay in cash may be best and may achieve a discount. Most doctors accept major credit cards, but any resultant interest and finance charges will bring up the cost. Also consider some combination of the two.

Vasectomy Cost in Canada

In Canada, provincial health plans coverer vasectomy. As a result, patient out of pocket expenses are relatively minor.

Were an American to undergo a vasectomy in Canada expected fees range from $CAN 400 to $CAN 600 (approximately $USA 320 - $570, depending upon currency fluctuations).

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