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Complications Following No-scalpel Vasectomy Procedure

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Vasectomy Reversal complications

Possible Complications Following No-Scalpel Vasectomy

Should you experience any problems at all, see your doctor right away to receive appropriate treatment - be it pain, swelling etc. Should you believe you are not getting better after a reasonable amount of time then always take into consideration that seeking a second opinion from a qualified provider is a reasonable course of action. Vasectomy risks and complications are not life threatening. Long-term safety with vasectomy is considered excellent. The minor problems that can arise are generally short-lived and resolve with ice, rest, anti-inflammatories and time.
The following vasectomy pain information lists the possible risks, with the rate in brackets:

  • Mild Discomfort Some men report a mild aching sensation to the scrotum for a few hours to a few days after the procedure.
  • Hematomas Mild bleeding into the scrotum causing small tender swelling for a few days.(1/400). A major bleed into the scrotum causing a grapefruit sized scrotum which will take months to heal (1/1000).
  • Infection Redness and pus from the healing site opening (1/100).
  • Epididymitis Tender swelling of the epididymis, the tube connecting the vas deferens and the testes (1/100).
  • Sperm granuloma A small, potentially uncomfortable, bead-like structure made of leaked sperm that may develop at the site where the tube was cut and blocked (1/500).
  • Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome A very rare complication of a persisting dull ache in the testicle where the inflammation does not settle down. It may resolve on its own or may need another surgical procedure 1/1000).
  • Failure Because a doctor has inadequately blocked one or both tubes, or because one or both tubes has rejoined ( less than 1/2500).
  • Antisperm antibodies Produced by the body in response to the absorbed sperm. The antibodies are thought to be non-harmful but can make fertility difficult to restore later.
  • Other Other uncommon complications have been reported.
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