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Sperm Banking Before No Scalpel Vasectomy

Before a no-scalpel vasectomy men should consider sperm banking. It may save you from needing a vasectomy reversal. This involves freezing one or a number of sperm samples at a sperm bank.

Sperm banking is a good alternative to vasectomy reversal should the individual desire to father children after the no-scalpel vasectomy. Up to 10% of men will change their minds after no-scalpel vasectomy and look at their options for fathering children again. Reasons include death of a spouse, death of a child, divorce, separation or just changing one's mind.

There are many companies throughout North America that can provide this service. Your no-scalpel vasectomy provider will undoubtedly have one he or she is comfortable using. There will be various fees associated with sperm banking, including fees for evaluation of the sample and yearly storage. The fee is generally under $1000 at the onset and storage fees are in the $250-$500 range per year, depending on the number of years of storage.

If, in the future, you wish to use your semen samples they will either be injected directly into your partners cervix (with a good quality sample) or the sample will be used for in-vitro fertilization with ICSI (see invitro sections).

While most no-scalpel vasectomy candidates will never use their stored sperm they may get as much peace of mind from knowing "it is there" as they would from any other insurance policy.

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