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To Sperm Bank before Vasectomy or at the Time of Vasectomy Reversal

When you are considering a vasectomy or a vasectomy reversal, whether to sperm bank is an important decision that needs to be made beforehand. Your decision to sperm bank will be like an insurance policy. In the case of vasectomy, sperm banking provides for a change of circumstance that can enable fathering a child. Though all men who undergo vasectomy understand that vasectomy provides for permanent birth control, statistically, 10% will have a vasectomy reversal. In the case of vasectomy reversal, sperm banking is also an insurance policy. But in this situation, it is done in case the vasectomy reversal is not successful. The ideal opportunity to sperm bank is during the actual vasectomy reversal procedure, as this avoids having to undergo an additional procedure. During the vasectomy reversal procedure the doctor is already harvesting and testing sperm samples. This makes retrieval of the sperm (aspiration) for sperm banking convenient and simple to accomplish.

To decide whether sperm banking is right for you, there is much to consider. So we have produced some in-depth articles to help guide you toward making the choice that is right for you.

Sperm Banking for Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversal
Sperm Bank Cost
Choosing a Sperm Bank

WARNING: makes no claims to the authentification of the content within these article. Sperm banking is an important consideration before vasectomy and when undergoing vasectomy reversal. To bank the sperm and all tests check out by the individual. company, its affiliated labs and clinics and at its sperm banks, whether in the USA and Caribbean. This website neither makes referrals nor recommendations for any particular sperm bank or laboratory. We strongly encourage you to investigate the sperm bank whose care you are considering before your vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.
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