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Choosing & Finding Your Vasectomy Doctor

Choosing and finding a vasectomy doctor in your area should not be a daunting task. This article provides a step by step process for what to consider, for you to find vasectomy clinics and doctors in your area and then decide which one. At this point, you need to be more directly involved with respect to checking whether your vasectomy doctor is right for you.

The Steps

You may wish to print this page to use as a guide during your search process for finding conventional vasectomy doctors and clinics. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Rather we hope it helps with issues to consider and be weighed among your choices.

Here is helpful information before getting started:

  • In the US it's a good idea to begin by consulting your medical insurance provider. In the USA and Canada, vasectomy is usually covered by insurance. So there should be little or no cost outlay. However, your insurance provider may have conditions and suggestions that you need to be aware of.
  • Doctors who perform vasectomy in your area often come from any number of specialized backgrounds. Though performed by urologists in the past, qualified doctors need only seek additional specialized training. Today it's common to find family practitioners, general surgeons and gynaecologists who have made vasectomy an important procedure within the scope of their practice.
  • To have a vasectomy, a referral from your family doctor, in most states and provinces (in the USA and Canada), is not required.

Step 1: Finding a Vasectomy Doctor or a Vasectomy Clinic

Here are ways to find vasectomy doctors, both traditional and modern (in no particular order):

  • Find vasectomy doctors in your area's, "Find a doctor" . Look for the triangle at the top of most pages. After viewing the listed doctor, choose to view the directory of vasectomy doctors and clinics.
  • Call a urology clinic or a hospital in your area and ask which doctors perform vasectomies.
  • Visit your family doctor and ask friends about their experience. These testimonials about vasectomy doctors in your area are often a great way to get a referral. Just remember it is not a substitute for medical advice.
  • Search the internet for "vasectomy doctor in …" or "vasectomy clinics in…" Often doctors who make vasectomy an important part of their practice will also have a website. There are also other websites offering a vasectomy doctor directory.

Step 2: Personal Preferences toward Vasectomy Doctors

Now its time to reduce the number of doctors on your list by considering personal preferences. Here are some suggested criteria:

  • Location and Appointment Times: To see the right vasectomy doctor be prepared to travel a little farther, if necessary. But in most urban areas the doctor's office should not need to be far away. Also consider, convenient appointment times, parking and public transit access.
  • Age and Gender: Perhaps you have a preference for a vasectomy doctor who is male or female. And perhaps, to have a doctor who is younger, older or closer to your own age.
  • Language: Communication is important in a doctor-patient relationship. It is understandable and common if you are more comfortable in a particular language.
  • Other: Other experiences that give you a gut feeling about whether the vasectomy doctor is right for you can and do play a role.

Step 3: Choosing the Vasectomy Doctor

Choosing your vasectomy doctor is probably the most critical part. It may make some uncomfortable to ask these question, but you have every right to know.

  • Always ensure the surgeon is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction (i.e. state or province).
  • Ask how many vasectomies the physician performs -in career/ per week/ per year?
  • Consider the technique - no-scalpel verses conventional.
  • Ask if the technique performed is 'open-ended' or 'closed ended'?
  • Ask about the physician's complication rates.
  • Ask about the doctor's failure rate.
  • Ask how many minutes it takes the physician to complete the procedure?
  • Does the physician use fascial interposition? (See procedures)
  • Ask how the tubes are blocked - Cautery of the vas or suture ligation of the vas?
  • Does the surgeon have a university appointment?

We hope this helps outline the process for finding and choosing a vasectomy doctor. Which vasectomy doctor you choose, is among the most important factors in your control.

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