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Long Term Considerations for Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a lifetime decision. Consider the possibility of unforeseen changes in life - divorce, death of a spouse or child, or just the likelihood of you and your partner changing your minds about your desired family size.

Some personal circumstances that men need to carefully consider before choosing to have a vasectomy:

  • Age Am I young and without children?
  • Personal Stress Am I making a hasty decision at a stressful time?
  • External Pressure Am I feeling pressured into the decision by someone or by circumstances?
  • Relationship Stability Am I frequently questioning the stability of my relationship?

Permanent contraception will not likely resolve problems experienced in any of these areas.

Common Questions

When is usually a good time to consider a vasectomy?
Health Considerations
How am I different after a vasectomy?
What about protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STD)?
If I change my mind after the procedure?

If you have decided that no matter what the future brings you will not want any more children, then no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) is a very reasonable consideration for you

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