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Vasectomy Pain, Swelling & Possible Complications

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Though vasectomy is considered a safe simple procedure all surgical procedures include a degree of risk. Vasectomy complications, like post vasectomy pain, post vasectomy swelling plus other forms of discomfort can occur. Most experienced vasectomy doctors report complication rates around 5%. Fortunately these complications should go away within a few days following the vasectomy.

Should you experience any problems at all, see your doctor right away to receive appropriate treatment - be it pain, swelling or other vasectomy complications. Should you believe you are not getting better after a reasonable amount of time then always take into consideration that seeking a second opinion from a qualified vasectomy doctor is a reasonable course of action. Vasectomy risks and complications are not life threatening. Long-term safety with vasectomy is considered excellent. The minor problems that can arise are generally short-lived and resolve with ice, rest, anti-inflammatory and time.
The following vasectomy pain information lists complications that include the possible risks, with the rate in brackets:

  • Mild Discomfort / Vasectomy Pain Some men report a mild aching sensation to the scrotum for a few hours to a few days after the procedure. This is normal. Use acetaminophen (Tylenol), with or without codeine (not aspirin).
  • Hematomas Mild bleeding into the scrotum causing small tender swelling for a few days.(1/400). Or a major bleed into the scrotum causing a grapefruit sized scrotum which will take months to heal (1/1000). While seldom serious, consult you doctor, as vasectomy swelling could develop or cause post vasectomy pain.
  • Infection Redness and pus coming from the site of the vasectomy opening or healing site (1/100). Vasectomy infection there or deeper are treated with antibiotics, antimicrobial creams and hot baths and donít last longer than a week.
  • Epididymitis Tender swelling of the epididymis, the tube connecting the vas deferens and the testes. This is a more common vasectomy complication. The epididymis ( the larger tube behind the testicle, connected to the vas) becomes inflamed and swollen. (1/100)
  • Tender swelling of the epididymis, the tube connecting the vas deferens and the testes. This is a more common vasectomy complication. The epididymis ( the larger tube behind the testicle, connected to the vas) becomes inflamed and swollen. (1/100)
  • Sperm granuloma A small, potentially uncomfortable, bead-like structure made of leaked sperm that may develop at the site where the tube was cut and blocked (1/500). This is usually not uncomfortable, but causes a small lump. There is no danger and should resolve itself over time.
  • Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome A very rare complication of a persisting dull ache in the testicle where the inflammation does not settle down. It may resolve on its own or may need another surgical procedure 1/1000).
  • Failure Because a doctor has inadequately blocked one or both tubes, or because one or both tubes has rejoined ( less than 1/2500).
  • Antisperm antibodies Produced by the body in response to the absorbed sperm. The antibodies are thought to be non-harmful but can make fertility difficult to restore later.
  • Chronic Orchialagia Where the epididymis is thought to have become congested with dead sperm and fluid. This is rare complication that usually disappears within six months is a source of vasectomy pain. This causes will be a dull ache in the testicles, like post vasectomy pain. Sometimes Chronic Orchialagia is referred to as congestion.
  • Immune Reactions Where the immune system recognizes the sperm cells as foreign proteins and reacts by producing antibodies in response. Remember that after a vasectomy, the sperm cells must be absorbed into the body. Current evidence indicates that this reaction is not generally harmful and is not all that uncommon due to vasectomy. However, immune reactions are thought to contribute to clogging of arteries, which can lead to heart attacks.
  • Cancer Concerns / Prostrate Cancer Though a major concern for men, a study to examin the associate reported as its conclusion, that there is no increased risk of prostate cancer after a vasectomy. See FAQ: Is there a risk association between vasectomy and cancer? Do vasectomy long term effects include prostrate cancer and testicular cancer.
  • Sex Sometimes men and their partner experience problems after their vasectomy. This is thought to be emotional, not caused by the vasectomy. Councilling is recommended to alleviate this vasectomy problem. In most cases, the greater freedom as a result of vasectomy permits greater enjoyment and spontaneity

Whatever discomfort you feel, post vasectomy (after), take the complication seriously. Be it vasectomy pain, swelling, inflammation or whether it be among the more rare complications like Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome Ė call your doctor to make him/her aware. Donít let it develop into something worse. Though the vasectomy complications may not be life threatening, don't let them develop into something worse.

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