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Vasectomy Reversal Questions and Answers

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7-Do doctors who perform vasectomy reversal all perform vasoepididymostomy?

A word of caution – some surgeons who perform vasectomy reversals do not have adequate experience performing a vasoepididymostomy. Either a vasovasostomy is inappropriately performed or the surgery is abandoned altogether. Choosing a surgeon who is experienced in microsurgical vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy may be important.

Performing vasovasostomy is the surgeon’s procedure of choice because it is a direct vas to vas reconnection, the most reliable type of vasectomy reversal and offers the highest success rates.

However when no sperm are seen within the fluid from the cut end of the testicular vas, this typically suggests a blockage at the level of the epididymus. In this case, a bypass re-connection or vasoepididymostomy should be performed.

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