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Vasectomy Reversal Questions and Answers

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8- Can the type of reconnection required be predicted before the operation?

No doctor can predict with certainty what type of reconnection (vasovasostomy or vasoepididymostomy) will be required before the operation. This can be estimated with a reasonable degree of confidence based on the time since the original vasectomy, findings on physical examination and the patient’s age. A definitive decision as to the type of reconnection required can only be made during the surgery based by the presence of sperm and the quality of fluid from the vas. If sperm are identified from the cut end of the vas coming from the testicle and epididymus, this confirms that sperm are being produced and are able to swim to this point and a vasovasostomy can be performed. If no sperm are seen within the fluid from the cut-end of the testicular vas, this typically suggests an epididymal blockage and a bypass re-connection or vasoepididymostomy should be performed.

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