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4- What are some of the possible risks and complications?

Following surgery, its possible to experience complications such as pain, swelling etc. The bruising and swelling doesn't always happen immediately - it often happens after a few days. See your doctor right away to receive the appropriate treatment. In most cases this will mostly disappear after two weeks. Should you believe you are not getting better after a reasonable amount of time then always take into consideration that seeking a second opinion from a qualified doctor is a reasonable course of action.

There are no life threatening complications associated with vasectomy and NSV. The minor complications that can arise are generally short-lived and resolve with ice, rest, anti-inflammatories and time.

Long-term safety with vasectomy is considered excellent, although all of the following are possible (complication rate in brackets):

  • Mild Discomfort Some men report a mild aching sensation to the scrotum for a few hours to a few days after the procedure.
  • Hematomas Mild bleeding into the scrotum causing small tender swelling for a few days.(1/400). A major bleed into the scrotum causing a grapefruit sized scrotum which will take months to heal (1/1000)
  • Infection Redness and pus from the healing site opening (1/100).
  • Epididymitis Tender swelling of the epididymis, the tube connecting the vas deferens and the testes (1/100).
  • Sperm granuloma A small, potentially uncomfortable, bead-like structure made of leaked sperm that may develop at the site where the tube was cut and blocked (1/500).
  • Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome A very rare complication of a persisting dull ache in the testicle where the inflammation does not settle down. It may resolve on its own or may need another surgical procedure 1/1000).
  • Failure Because a doctor has inadequately blocked one or both tubes, or because one or both tubes has rejoined ( less than 1/2500).
  • Antisperm antibodies Produced by the body in response to the absorbed sperm. The antibodies are thought to be non-harmful but can make fertility difficult to restore later.
  • Other Other uncommon complications have been reported.

Most experienced vasectomists report complication rates around 5%.

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