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5- What about my long term health after vasectomy? In particular, prostate cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis and heart disease concerns.

Over the years, many questions have been raised regarding possible long-term effects of vasectomy. Claims that vasectomy causes arthritis, atherosclerosis or heart disease have long been put to rest as being invalid. Other studies have suggested that vasectomy may slightly increase the risk of getting prostate cancer. Many other subsequent studies have not validated this risk. Current policy recommendations of the NIH (National Institute of Health) are:

  • All contraceptive methods carry some risks. When making decisions about contraception, each individual or couple must be informed about and weigh the various risks and benefits.
  • Because the results of research to date on vasectomy and prostate cancer are inconsistent and associations that have been found are weak, there is insufficient basis for recommending a change in clinical and public health practice at this time.
  • In light of this:
  • Providers should continue offering vasectomy and performing the procedure.
  • Screening for prostate cancer should not be any different for men who have had a vasectomy than for those who have not.

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