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11- Pregnancy after Vasectomy: What is the possibility of pregnancy after a vasectomy?

After a vasectomy, the semen needs to be tested to ensure sterility. This is necessary to confirm the vasectomy was a success. The most common reason for pregnancy after a vasectomy is that the couple didn't use another birth control method until after the vasectomy was deemed successful. The semen is checked three months after the vasectomy so that the vas deferens tubes may be cleared of all viable sperm. Sometimes it is necessary to be tested several times if the first tests show viable sperm. Although not common, this can take up to six months. So it is also possible to become pregnant up to six months after a vasectomy procedure.

Once confirmed sterile, the vasectomy procedure is considered a success and the couple no longer need to use other forms of birth control. However there remains a very small possibility of of pregnancy after a vasectomy. To explain how small this risk is, if 3000 couples were sexually active using not other form of birth control contraception for 10 years, one pregnancy would result in the entire group over that 10 year period.

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