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13- What kind of doctor does a vasectomy? Who performs a vasectomy? How to Get a Vasectomy?

In the past, the patients would first see their family doctor, who would usually refer them to an urologist who performs vasectomies. However, how to get a vasectomy and finding a doctor means knowing who does vasectomies. Here are some pointers:

  • In most states and provinces in Canada and the USA, patients are not required to obtain a referral from their family doctor.
  • The doctor who does a vasectomy is often not an urologist. Minor surgeries, such as vasectomy can be performed by general surgeons and family practitioners (family doctors) as long as they have the skills.
  • The kind of doctors who performs a vasectomy has likely undergone special training above and beyond achieving their degree.
  • The kind of doctor who does the vasectomy procedure often makes it a significant part of their practice. They may describe this as having a "special interest" in vasectomy.

The logical next question is how to get a vasectomy? Getting a vasectomy is easy but there are issues to consider and weigh among your choices. You'll need to examine the skill, the technique, the experience and the success rate. Does it matter to you if your vasectomy doctor is female or male? Investigate your insurance coverage, so you know what options are covered, including cost, deductibles and co-payments.

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