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14- What is a vasectomy procedure? What is a vasectomy? How is a vasectomy performed?

» Unsure Whether Vasectomy or Tubal Sterilization is Right For You?

The procedure for a vasectomy is defined as a minor surgical procedure to attain permanent birth control for the male. Simply put, a vasectomy doctor causes male sterilization that is considered permanent.

One way to reduce fear is to increase your awareness of what to expect about how a vasectomy is performed. Depending upon vasectomy doctor, the surgery may take from 7 minutes to 30 minutes to perform. In most cases a local anesthetic is used. Afterward the man can recover at home. Learn more:

» Recovering after a vasectomy conventional vasectomy
» Recovery no-scalpel vasectomy

During the vasectomy procedure the vasectomy doctor operates on the man's vas deferens. The vas deferens are the two tubes that transport sperm produced in the testicles. The vas deferens are cut and then tied/sealed in such a manner that prevents sperm from entering the seminal stream (ejaculate). After the vasectomy, the sperm are still produced and flow in the vas deferens, but are now absorbed into the body instead exiting with the ejaculate.

» Procedure and diagram conventional vasectomy
» Procedure no-scalpel vasectomy

There are differences in vasectomy procedures among doctors who perform vasectomy. So before choosing your vasectomy doctor investigate what a vasectomy is. Learn the differences between, conventional vasectomy, no-scalpel vasectomy and needle verses no-needle. Also to understand what a vasectomy is, learn the difference between an open-ended vasectomy and a closed-end vasectomy.

Though reversing a vasectomy procedure is possible (called vasectomy reversal), vasectomy should be considered permanent. Vasectomy reversal is costly, usually not covered by insurance and success not a sure thing.

A couple looking for an alternate permanent birth control could turn to tubal ligation, a surgical procedure performed on the female.

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