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15- Why do some doctors call their medial practice vasectomy clinics and vasectomy centers (and in Canada, vasectomy centres)?

In the USA and Canada, many vasectomy doctors' may work in clinics, centers or centres. The term centers, clinics and centres are commonly used to describe a medical practice. It's all just a name. Vasectomy doctors may work in urological clinics, a hospital clinic and family medical centers. Even an office with just one doctor may call his/her practice a clinic or a centre.'s role is to both help you decide if vasectomy is right for you and to find vasectomy clinics, vasectomy centers, vasectomy centres and individual doctors who perform vasectomy in your area. In most cases, vasectomy centres, centers and clinics have one or two doctors only. What is important is the doctor who performs the vasectomy procedure. Here are some helpful pointers:

For the convenience of the patients the doctor may perform vasectomies out of more than one clinic. These clinics, centres and centers may be shared with other doctors who do not offer vasectomy. Also, for your convenience they will offer the procedure at convenient times. Again, though these personal factors are important, it is the doctor that is the most important factor.

Some vasectomy clinics, centers and centres showcase the vasectomy procedure by the technique performed. Such as

  • Scalpel Vasectomy
  • No-Scalpel Vasectomy
  • No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy

These are a helpful descriptive that describes how the doctor accesses the vas tubes. But be cautioned that whatever the vasectomy center clinic, or centre offers:

  • The same result will be obtained.
  • The success rates are, on average, no different between the techniques.

To obtain the answers you need from vasectomy centres, vasectomy clinics and vasectomy centers, they should be able to supply you with the following important answers:

  • The number of procedures your vasectomy doctor does per year.
  • The total number of vasectomies performed by the doctor to date.
  • The vasectomy complication rate your doctor has experienced. i.e., the rate of infection in his patients, the rate of major bleeding, the rate of procedure failure. walks the prospective patent through the decision process. When you are ready to find vasectomy clinics, vasectomy centers and vasectomy centres, click on the triangle, "Find A Doctor" and look through the directory.

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