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Vasectomy Recovery: Recovering after a Vasectomy

After your vasectomy, your doctor will provide written instructions to optimize recovery. Be sure to read these instructions about recovering from your vasectomy and follow them carefully. Arrange a ride home after the vasectomy and rest for 48 hours, even if you don't feel like you need to. For most men recovery takes two to three days after the vasectomy and then you can return to work. However, if your work involves heavy labour recovery will take up to a week after the vasectomy. Only if you do light work, you can get away with recovering from vasectomy with just a few days off.

Immediately after the vasectomy procedure the discomfort will be mild. But about an hour after the procedure, the local anesthesia will begin to wear off. There may be some soreness and some men take a mild painkiller. Others report that they experience virtually no pain afterwards. See Risks and Complications & Products to have on hand

To be sure vasectomy recovery time will result in minimal complications, follow these instructions during the first week after the vasectomy procedure:

  • Wear your scrotal support for the entire week (except when sleeping) unless doing so causes discomfort.
  • Check with your doctor about when to resume taking showers - usually a day or two following the vasectomy. Do not take a bath or submerge your body for at least 48 hours after vasectomy.
  • Stay off your feet as much as you can for the first two days after vasectomy.
  • After a few days, following the vasectomy, 20 minute baths can be beneficial.
  • Ice the area 20 minutes (except while sleeping) every hour for the first 48 hours, then continue to ice the area every evening for the first week. You can make your own ice pack by putting ice in a plastic bag and wrapping it in a dishtowel, or use a bag of frozen peas. Gel packs also work well, by slipping it between the underwear the scrotal support.
  • Take it easy. No lifting anything heavier than 15 pounds (including babies and children). This means no exertion, exercise, extensive walking/climbing, golf, hockey, hiking, sports, sex ...etc. for a week following the procedure.
  • Keep the incision clean and dry. It is acceptable to take a shower or bath after the first day. Use antibacterial soap on the area for two days.
  • Leave some clean gauze with antibiotic ointment applied at the opening in the scrotum for a day or two following your vasectomy after the vasectomy.
  • Take 2 tablets of extra strength Tylenol every 5 hours for 48 hours after your vasectomy.
  • No sex or ejaculation for a week.
  • No alcohol for two days.
  • Take an anti-inflammatory 48 hours after the vasectomy for 4 days - no matter how good you feel. If you get side affects then, of course, stop the pills.

Contacting Your Vasectomy Doctor
Recovering after a vasectomy might require you to contact your vasectomy doctor to be sure everything is OK.

  • Call your doctor if you notice ongoing bleeding or a swelling bigger than a marble around the opening or in the scrotum. A slight leakage is normal, and is not the same as steady bleeding.
  • Call your doctor if you are in pain to get the appropriate medication.
  • Call your doctor immediately should you get a fever, your scrotum gets very red or you notice any unusual discharge as this can indicate infection.

See Risks and Complications & Products to have on hand

Vasectomy Recovery After 7 Days (one week)
Keep in mind that vasectomy recovery is gradual. One week after the procedure, it is safe to resume exercise, heavier work, and lifting. Increase gradually over many days to pre-vasectomy levels. Sexual activity can be resumed after one week if you are not to sore.

Sexual Activity After Vasectomy
During the vasectomy recovery period, there is to be no sex or ejaculation for a week. And after that, it is absolutely essential that you continue your prior method of birth control until your sperm can be flushed from the vas deferens tubes. The sperm can take several months to be flushed out of the vas deferens after a vasectomy. Your doctor may also prescribe 10 to 12 ejaculations to release remaining sperm. Only after confirming vasectomy success can you assume you are sterile. So follow your doctor's instructions to bring in your semen sample for examination. This is usually within four to twelve weeks following vasectomy and may require follow-up samples. Read Confirming Sterility.

To optimize your recovery, it is worth repeating that vasectomy recovery means following these guidelines after vasectomy.

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