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Find doctors who perform vasectomy and vasectomy reversal in your area and let walk you through the decision-making process.

Choose and Find Vasectomy Reversal Doctors in Your Area

So, you are now considering a vasectomy reversal and want to find and choose one. Perhaps you are ready to move forward or want to consult a qualified doctor with your questions. Whichever the case, your search entails consideration of your budget, then finding available doctors, gathering information about them and then personal considerations. To help guide you through the process we have split this section into the following steps:

Vasectomy Reversal Cost

The following are cost issues that should be evaluated before finding a reversal doctor.

  • Set a Budget: Vasectomy reversal cost has wide range. If you haven't yet done so, Read about Vasectomy Reversal Cost.
    Also, consider time off work and possible travel costs. Having a budget means you factor this in as one of your criteria when contacting vasectomy reversal doctors.
  • Vasectomy Reversal Financing: There are several companies that specialize in financing non-insured medical services like vasectomy reversal. Sometimes vasectomy reversal doctors have a pre-established relationship with a financing agency. Here is a company that provides us a direct link that enables you to apply for vasectomy reversal financing. Interest rate and terms are provided by them.

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Find Vasectomy Reversal Doctors

Finding vasectomy reversal doctors should not be a daunting task. Here are some straight forward options.

  • Search Online for Vasectomy Reversal Doctors:
    • Use's online directory of vasectomy reversal doctors. Click "Find a doctor", also found on at the top of almost every page. After the search go to the general directory, which displays vasectomy reversal doctors and clinics by state and province. Click on each doctor to open a more detailed view that includes a practise description. If the doctor has a website, this is where you'll find it too.
    • Search for vasectomy reversal doctors outside your area. There are often circumstances why you would consider vasectomy reversal doctors outside your area be it a search for a better qualified doctor or lack of reversal doctors in your area.
  • Phone hospitals and urologist clinics / centers in your area, asking for who among their group of doctors perform vasectomy reversals.
  • Ask your family doctor to help you investigate and understand your options. Your doctor likely has experience with patients who have had good experiences with doctors who perform vasectomy reversal.

Gather and Examine Credentials

After finding a list of vasectomy reversal doctors, its time to whittle down your list by examining their qualifications and credentials. Here is a list of basic and more involved information to gather and access.

  • Medical License: Always ensure the vasectomy reversal specialist is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction (i.e. state or province).
  • Training: Vasectomy reversal involves microsurgery, which is a very specialized field of surgery and a sophisticated knowledge of the field of male infertility. Did the vasectomy reversal doctor obtain formal training to do microscopic vasectomy reversals, and what was the extent of this training? Was it a two-week course or a two-year training program where he was exposed to two or three cases per week? An important designation to look for is whether the surgeon is Fellowship Trained and whether the surgeon has been recently published in peer reviewed journals for vasectomy reversal.
  • Experience: Learn how many microsurgical reversals the doctor actually performed within the last one, two and three years. Identify those that perform this procedure on a regular basis. This means at least weekly, preferably many times a week. This is vital to maintain skills and high success rates.
  • Patency Rate: What are the surgeon's actual statistics for achieving patency following vasectomy reversals? Ask if the statistics reported in the literature obtained from the surgeon is actually the surgeon's own experience, rather than the experience of a group or a series of studies that the surgeon was not involved in or partially involved in.
  • Microscope: Does the vasectomy reversal doctor use an operating microscope to place his sutures when reconnecting the vas? If the doctor does not, it truly limits the accuracy of rejoining the tiny vas tube.
  • Single layer or double layer: Does the vas reverse doctor use single layer or double layer microscopic reversal? It appears that a majority of microsurgeons prefer the double layer microscopic reversal, but the independent success rates of achieving patency and pregnancy are really the ultimate measures of success of one's method.
  • Complication Rates: What are the doctor's complication rates?
  • University Appointment: Does the vasectomy reversal doctor have a university appointment?

Choose Vasectomy Doctor According to Personal Preferences

Now that you have short listed the vasectomy reversal doctors by qualifications and credentials, its time to begin choosing the remaining vasectomy doctors according to personal preferences. With that list you will have identified those who you are comfortable calling for an appointment.

  • Vasectomy Reversal Cost: Enquire about the doctor's cost of vasectomy reversal and be sure you learn all the fees involved. Remember to include time off of work and possible travel. No one likes surprises. Compare this to your budget.
  • Convenience: This refers to both the reverse vasectomy doctor's location and when the doctor can schedule an appointment. Other access issues may include parking. In densely populated areas you may find there are more reversal doctors and in less populated areas you may need to travel further.
  • The Doctor's Gender & Age: Perhaps you have a preference for a doctor who is older, younger or your age. And perhaps you will feel more at ease with a female or a male vasectomy reversal doctor.
  • Language Preference: The patient-doctor relationship depends upon good communication and trust. Perhaps you will be more comfortable with a vasectomy reversal doctor who offers bilingual service or speaks your mother tongue?
  • Reputation: Obtain testimonials about the vasectomy reversal doctor. Learning whether other people did or did not have a good experience while in the doctor's care, provides helpful information.
  • Other preferences: Sometimes it is just a gut feeling but whatever it is, it will play a role in your relationship with the vasectomy reversal doctor.

The search to find and choose vasectomy reversal doctors is very probably the most important decision in your control. You may wish to print this page, and in particular, the section on credentials of vasectomy reversal doctors. We wish you good luck finding the doctor that is right for you.

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