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Vasectomy Reversal in Liberia, Costa Rica
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Vasectomy Reversal Specialist Dr. Emanuel Friedman

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Dr. Emanuel Friedman

No Scalpel Vasectomy Reversal Expert

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Vasectomy Reversal Specialist Dr. Emanuel Friedman Main office: Metro West Urology
67 Union Street
Suite 308
Natick, MA 01760-6056
Phone: (508) 655.4422


Vasectomy Doctor
Dr. Emanuel Friedman

  • 99.9% Success Rate
  • No Scalpel Vasectomies open ended
  • Over 16,000 no-scalpel vasectomies performed!

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Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal Specialist, Dr. Friedman Boston, MA

The most important single factor in your control is the surgeon chosen to perform your vasectomy reversal or vasectomy. Your doctor's skill and experience has the greatest impact on the odds for success.

Dr. Friedman is among the small number of "best" vasectomy reversal doctors who have perfected those skills and achieve the highest rate of success.

Having performed over 1500 vasectomy reversals, his international vasectomy reversal center attracts patients locally and from abroad. The esteem to which he is held is show-cased by his credentials and patient-testimonials. Please learn more about this highly professional, caring, doctor who offers his services at low cost.

Conveniently Located

Located just a thirty minute drive from Boston's Logan International Airport, the clinic is easily accessible via the Mass Pike (I-90). The international vasectomy reversal center at Metrowest Urology, can personally pick you up and drop you off from the airport or train station. The facility is state-of-the-art and the staff is world-class. Parking is complimentary and the staff ensures your visit will be as comfortable as possible. Vasectomy reversal appointments are available during the week and also on weekends, by special arrangement.

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Dr. Emanuel Friedman is a prominent vasectomy reversal doctor in Massachusetts who draws patients from all over the world. Dr. Friedman is renowned for his advanced vasectomy reversal techniques and his exceedingly high success rates. For over twenty years, he has specialized in vasectomy reversals (vasovasostomy) and vasoepididymostomies. A vasoepididymostomy is the attachment of the vas deferens directly to the epididymis when there is an obstruction closer to the testis. Recently, Dr. Friedman has been interviewed on Accent Health regarding innovations he has brought to the practice of Urology!

This Massachusetts Vasectomy Reversal Doctor is a Graduate of Columbia Medical School and a Harvard-trained expert in the field of Urology and microsurgery. Dr. Friedman holds the distinction of being a Diplomat with the American Board of Urology.

He has performed over 15,000 no-scalpel, open-ended vasectomies and completed over 1,500 no-scalpel vasovasostomies and vasoepididymostomies. Patients travel from all over the northeast - including New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine and from all corners of the globe - including Europe and Canada - to have him perform these delicate procedures. As an added convenience, Dr. Friedman's website offers vasectomy reversal financing applications - with most requests approved on the very same day!

The Massachusetts vasectomy reversal office is located just a short distance from Boston's Logan International Airport and home to some of the best medical facilities in the world. Metro West Urology is located on the campus of Metro West Medical Center. In the comfort of their private offices, they maintain a surgical suite with not one, but two Operating Microscopes - both a Zeiss and a Nikon - which are specifically used to visualize, illuminate and enlarge the vasectomy reversal area. Since Metro West Urology owns the necessary equipment to perform vasectomy reversals in-office, they are able to offer the procedure at a significantly lower cost than may be found elsewhere. Expenses that may be incurred in a hospital setting are simply eliminated.

Occasionally, patients and their partners may want to discuss certain special circumstances or seek advice about the vasectomy reversal procedure before committing to surgery or spending a considerable amount of money upfront. The Metro West Urology staff understands the importance of the decision to have a vasectomy reversal and knows that finding a vasectomy reversal expert can be challenging. Therefore, they offer a FREE, unlimited telephone consultation with Dr. Friedman who will take the time to guide you comfortably through the medical terminology and explain the vasectomy reversal procedure in greater detail as well as discuss the variables that may directly affect you as an individual. Here is what Hope Tim say when discussing their history, in this two minute video clip, and also praise Dr. Friedman and his staff as the most professional team to perform a reversal vasectomy. has not evaluated the surgical skill of these physicians. As a result, this website neither makes referrals nor recommendations for any particular vasectomy doctor, no-scalpel vasectomy or vasectomy reversal doctor in Massachusetts State. By using this location service you acknowledge and agree that is not liable for any harm or damages related to your use of this service. We strongly encourage you to investigate the experience of any physicians whose care you are considering.

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