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Finding and Selecting Among Vasectomy Reversal Specialists and Clinics in Your Area

Finding and selecting the vasectomy reversal specialists and clinic in your area can be broken down into just a few steps. Whether you have questions requiring a consultation with the reversal doctor or whether you have decided to go ahead, the following guide will be helpful. Your search for specialists and clinics requires having a budget, finding available doctors, gathering the right information about them and then comparing qualifications and personal considerations. This article has been broken down into the following sections:

Vasectomy Reversal Budget and Cost Considerations

Before your search should begin, have a financial plan. The cost of vasectomy reversal does vary. Here are some helpful pointers to appraise before finding and selecting your reversal specialists and clinics.

  • Budgeting: Vasectomy reversal is rarely covered by medical insurance plans and there is a wide range of cost choices. Take into consideration time off work and other possible costs like sperm banking and travel. Learn more here:
    - Vasectomy Reversal Cost
    - Sperm Banking
  • Financing Your Vasectomy Reversal: Once you decide you want a vasectomy reversal it is better not to put it off. There are companies that specialize in medical financing for procedures like vasectomy reversal. Often vasectomy reversal doctors work with a financing agency. Here is a company that established a relationship with this website, offering you to apply online for vasectomy reversal financing. Interest rate and terms are provided by them.

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Finding Vasectomy Reversal Clinics and Doctors

There are a few ways to find vasectomy specialists and clinics, both in your area and beyond. Each is straight forward, so it's probably best to utilize them all. If you are already contacting a clinic or specialist, you may wish to gather information about qualifications at the same time (see next step).

  • Use the Internet to find Vasectomy Reversal Doctors
    • offers a few tools. "Find a Doctor" enables you to search by region (in USA and Canada). Then choose to view the state / province directory that lists vasectomy reversal clinics and specialists. Click a name to expand the clinic or specialist's listing. Also, on every page of the website scroll down the page for the "Featured Doctor" section that leads to each listed doctor's personal webpage. There are often circumstances why you would consider vasectomy reversal doctors outside your area be it a search for a better qualified doctor or lack of reversal doctors in your area.
  • Contact nearby hospitals and urology clinics / specialists in your area. Enquire about the specialists who perform vasectomy reversals.
  • See your family doctor. Often this is a first place to start because you may wish to go over your situation. In addition your doctor may know of vasectomy reversal clinics and specialists with whom other patients have good experiences.

Find and Compare Qualifications and Preferences

With a list of vasectomy reversal specialists and clinic gathered, the next step is to scrutinize qualifications. Here is a list of fundamental credentials. Don't overlook any of these points, no matter how basic and ask for proof.

  • Medical License: Ask for a copy of the vasectomy reversal specialist's license to practice in your state or province.
  • Training: Most vasectomy reversal specialists are urologists. However Vasectomy reversal involves microsurgery and having a sophisticated knowledge about male infertility. This required further training. Ask what this training was. These range from two week courses to 2 years. The specialist's designation could be "Fellowship Trained". Also ask if the specialist has been published recently in a peer reviewed journal for vasectomy reversal.
  • Experience: Ask about the number of microsurgical vasectomy reversals the specialist performs. How many vasectomy reversals during the past year, two years and three years? The more times and the more regularly the vasectomy reversals are performed, the better. Identify those specialists who perform at least weekly, preferably many times a week, which is required in order to maintain skills and high success rates.
  • Patency Rate: Find out about the vasectomy reversal specialist's success rate. Patency refers to returning sperm to the ejaculate. Get actual statistics for achieving patency. That is, make sure the patency rate is the specialist's and not those reported in literature.
  • Microscope: Ensure the vasectomy reversal specialist operates using an operating microscope to place his sutures when reconnecting the vas. Otherwise, the accuracy of rejoining the tiny vas tube is limited.
  • Single layer or double layer: The majority of microsurgeons prefer the double layer microscopic reversal. Ask whether the vas reverse specialist uses single layer or double layer microscopic reversal. Keep in mind that independent success rates for achieving patency and pregnancy are really the ultimate measures of success of one's method.
  • Complication Rates: Ask about the specialist's rates of complications
  • University Appointment: Ask whether the vasectomy reversal specialist has a university appointment.

Personal Preferences
Both before during and after gathering the vasectomy reversal specialist's credentials you can get other qualifications and preferences. Here is a suggested list we call personal preferences that are just as important.

  • Vasectomy Reversal Cost: Find out the full cost of vasectomy reversal and ask if there are any other fees that aren't included. Add in amounts for time off of work and any travel. Then measure the full cost against your budget.
  • Convenience: How far is the location from your home? What days and times are available for appointments and the actual vasectomy reversal? Is parking convenient and what it costs. Often those living in rural areas have to travel further.
  • The Doctor's Gender & Age: Some people have preference for a male and others for a female vasectomy specialist. Also, some want a doctor in a particular age group.
  • Language Preference: For some people having a doctor who speaks a particular language (i.e. your mother tongue) will aid in the relationship. Good communication and trust are very important between the patient and doctor.
  • Reputation: Look into or ask for referrals on the vasectomy reversal specialist. Testimonials from past vasectomy reversal patients will help you to know what to expect.
  • Other preferences: This list is not exhaustive. Additionally trust your gut instincts because how you feel plays a role in your relationship with the vasectomy reversal doctor.

Selecting Vasectomy Reversal Specialists and Clinics

The search to find and select vasectomy reversal clinics and specialists is very probably the most important decision in your control. Now that you have gathered your list of doctors, their credentials and personal qualifications you should be able to short-list the vasectomy reversal specialists and clinics. From among those who remain, you are ready to make appointments. You may wish to print this page, and in particular, the section on credentials and personal preferences. We wish you good luck finding and selecting the vasectomy reversal clinics or specialists that are right for you.

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