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Vasectomy Side Effects Long Term & Short Term

Approximately, 600,000 men in North America undergo vasectomy annually and the vast majority continue life without any long term or short term negative vasectomy side effects. This should give some assurance to men with concerns about long term vasectomy side effects. To address the concerns about possible negative vasectomy side effects, both long term and short term, this article has been divided into topics of possible concern:

Sterility and Vasectomy

The objective or benefit, which could be described as the main long term consequence after a vasectomy is permanent sterility. It is almost 100% effective as a birth control method. If this is your concern, then vasectomy is probably not right for you. If you are looking for some insurance, in case there may be a future desire for more children, then investigate sperm banking. See:

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Vasectomy Failure Rate

It is a generally agreed that the vasectomy failure rate is 1 out of 2000 procedures performed (stated by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists). This is better than tubal ligation; however, it varies by the skill of the vasectomy doctor and there are a couple of other variables at play. First off, the patient is not supposed to have unprotected sex until semen tests to confirm vasectomy success. It can take over 6 months to determine success or failure. So if the semen tests reveal live sperm, it will be deemed a failed vasectomy. However, the procedure can be repeated. Secondly, there is an additional complicating factor, caused by men who never return for the semen tests.

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Vasectomy Side Effects Short Term

Possible short term side effects after a vasectomy include temporary pain and discomfort caused by bruising and hematoma (bleeding). Most experienced vasectomy doctors report complication rates for about 5% of their patients. These vasectomy side effects are short term. They are considered minor and will completely heal.

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Vasectomy Side Effects Long Term

A very small number of men experience a long term side effect that is a chronic pain known as Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS). It can begin immediately after the vasectomy or many months or even years after the vasectomy. The incidence of this problem varies amongst vasectomy doctors and studies. Solutions vary and there are doctors who have taken up a special interest in treating the incidence post vasectomy pain.

There is also a very small number of men who experience impotence or lack of desire as a side effect, after a vasectomy. This is considered psychological and is treated with counselling.

An unproven vasectomy side effect, in the long term is a concern among men of increasing the chance of cancer after vasectomy, in particular prostate cancer. Though it has not been proven conclusively, there appears no link between cancer and vasectomy.

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