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Sperm Banking Before Vasectomy

If you are considering a vasectomy then before undergoing the procedure, you need to decide if sperm banking is right for you. Utilizing the services of a sperm bank can be an alternative to vasectomy reversal. Sperm banking is necessary to do in advance of the vasectomy and it’s a simple process. It involves providing semen ejaculate to a lab that will be analysed and then frozen. The lab then forwards the frozen sperm to a sperm bank for long-term storage.

Should you have a change of heart, it is possible to use the sperm stored at the sperm bank as an alternative to vasectomy reversal, with some provisos. So sperm banking provides a little peace of mind and may quiet any lingering doubts. Consider sperm banking like an insurance policy.

Up to 10% of men who undergo vasectomy attempt a reversal in North America, despite literature and advice from vasectomy doctors, which educate that it is considered permanent. So you will not be alone, should you desire to father children after the vasectomy. Reasons can include death of a spouse, death of a child, divorce, separation or just changing one's mind.

Many companies throughout North America provide sperm banking services. Your vasectomy provider may also recommend a sperm bank that he or she is comfortable using. There are general fees associated with sperm banking. Usually a lab will be responsible for collecting, testing and processing the sperm samples. The costs for these services vary due to the number of specimens banked and the charges for the blood testing, but can generally be completed for less than $1000. The other fees will be for banking (storing) the sperm, and are generally in the $275-$500 per year range. Shipping fees may also apply.

To effect a pregnancy using the sperm that is banked, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is employed which is an Assisted ReproductiveTechnology (ART). Pregnancy can be achieved much more quickly than going through a vasectomy reversal. Keep in mind that this will be an expensive process. The cost of sperm banking and IVF is much greater, versus vasectomy reversal costs. Due to the costs of sperm banking & IVF, the interventionist nature of IVF and the higher quality fresh sperm produced from a natural ejaculate, doctors recommend vasectomy reversal as the first course of action, if the female partner is fertile.

While most men who undergo vasectomy will never use their stored sperm, sperm banking does provide for “peace of mind” from knowing "it is there", just as any insurance policy would.

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