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Vasectomy Canada

Canadian vasectomy doctor in Vancouver, BC  Canada Dr. Neil Pollock, whose patients come from throughout the province.

Dr. Neil Pollock MD

Pollock Clinics
625 - 5th Avenue
Suite 407
New Westminster, BC V3M 1X4
Ph: (604) 717-6210

Dr. Pollock has offices in Vancouver, New Westminster and North Vancouver, where he performs no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy (NNNSV). He is British Columbia's largest provider of vasectomy and is known in the medical community throughout North America as a leading surgeon, researcher and teacher in his field.

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For Canadians and Americans who are considering a vasectomy, it is worth while knowing how a vasectomy in Canada differs. Medical training, titles and positions are generally the same. Vasectomy doctors in Canada and vasectomy doctors in the USA may also seek extra training to perform vasectomies in either Canada or the USA. However, in Canada vasectomy is covered by medical insurance that is made available to all its citizens under a federally mandated health insurance act administered by the provinces and territories. For Canadians, this makes finding a doctor to perform a vasectomy in Canada straight forward.

Medical Insurance Coverage for Vasectomy

In Canada universal coverage is provided for medically necessary health care services to all its citizens on the basis of need, not ability to pay. Federal legislation called the Canada Health Act establishes criteria and conditions for health insurance plans that provinces and territories must follow to receive the funding. The federal government provides cash and tax transfers to the provinces and territories in support of health through the Canada Health Transfer. The provinces and territories administer these publicly insured services and have limited say regarding what constitutes a necessary service. Services that are covered represent approximately 65% of total health expenditures and the act discourages extra-billing and user fees. Vasectomy, in Canada is covered by all the provinces and territories but fees and administration can differ.

In Canada insurance coverage for a vasectomy procedure is usually broken down into the following steps:

  1. An initial visit which involves an examination and counselling. The medical exam is performed to ensure that the vas deferens (tube carrying the sperm) can be easily located. Time is also spent for counselling to ensure the decision is right for him.
  2. Undergoing the vasectomy procedure
  3. The semen analysis(s) after the vasectomy to confirm success.

In the USA, the steps are the same. However, the distinction in Canada is that insurance in most jurisdictions includes all three steps involved. Except for Quebec, the costs paid on behalf of the patients, cover the doctor and to the lab fees as if it is a single service.

In Canada (and the USA) there are a few optional add-on services that some vasectomy doctors include. However in Canada, the fee paid to the doctor in a province or territory for a vasectomy is set and legislation discourages extra-billing and user fees. The cost of a vasectomy is typically less in Canada. For those uninsured Americans considering a vasectomy in Canada youâ??ll need to find a doctor able to get through the complications caused by medical practice insurance which may be overcome by signing forms providing for protection against liability.

Most vasectomies are performed in the doctor's office. However there are a few vasectomy doctors who perform the procedure in a hospital setting. There is no age limit for the procedure but you must give informed consent.

Finding a Vasectomy Doctor in Canada

For a Canadian seeking a vasectomy most provinces do not require a referral from the family doctor. Finding a doctor in Canada can be accomplished by using"s doctor directory, searching the internet or consulting with the family doctor. There are doctors in Canada who perform just a few vasectomies weekly and others with clinics and practices devoted to performing vasectomy almost exclusively.

The Cost of A Vasectomy in Canada

The cost of a vasectomy varies by province and territory in Canada. For example, in most provinces including Ontario and BC the full cost of a vasectomy is covered. However, the vasectomy cost in Quebec is only partially reimbursed after the procedure, with approximately $55 paid for the initial consultation and $120 for the procedure.


Getting a vasectomy in Canada is a straight forward matter since Canadians enjoy universal medical coverage. Making the decision to have a vasectomy requires a doing a little homework and part of this should include an investigation into finding a doctor. Read pages inside and perhaps ask your family doctor. Once the decision is made to move forward, all that is required is for you to make an appointment. Upon arrival at the doctor's office expect to show your medical insurance number. In most provinces and territories in Canada vasectomy is that simple.

Calgary vasectomy doctor in Alberta Canada Dr. Crouse, whose patients come from throughout the province

Dr. Pierre Crouse

Intramed Medical Centre
Vasectomy Calgary
3223 - 17 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB T3E 7R8
Ph: 403-255-6196

Dr. Crouse performs no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy (NNNSV) in Canada from his Calgary, Alberta office. He utilizes the most current techniques which are proven e superior. Located n the Killarney neighbourhood of Calgary, he attracts patients from throughout Alberta including Canmore, Cochrane, Airdrie, Innisfail, Strathmore, Didsbury, Drumheller, and Hanna. During your first visit all both important issues are covered first.

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