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Vasectomy Reversal in Liberia, Costa Rica
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Dr. Emanuel Friedman

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Dr. Emanuel Friedman

No Scalpel Vasectomy Reversal Expert

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Best Vasectomy Reversal Boston, MA, Emanuel Friedman Main office: Metro West Urology
67 Union Street
Suite 308
Natick, MA 01760-6056
Phone: (508) 655.4422


Being among the best vasectomy reversal doctors is measured by both the doctor's success rate and patient satisfaction. Dr. Friedman's vasectomy reversal success rate is among the highest. And patient satisfaction also rates among the best. Patient satisfaction is measured by the patients confidence in their doctor and how comfortable they are made to feel. This is also a vital factor for determining the best chance for vasectomy reversal success. This warm caring professional doctor takes the time to ensure vasectomy reversal is right choice for you. Additionally, his world class team of caring, experienced staff wants to make your experience positive.

The best way to showcase the treatment provided by Dr. Friedman and his staff is to see first-hand from patients. These video testimonials, by actual patients, are a great way to gauge patient satisfaction and ultimately, vasectomy reversal success. Additionally Dr. Friedman has created a video of himself addressing frequently asked questions about no-scalpel vasectomy reversal.

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Click Here to see video clips of Dr. Friedman answering frequently asked questions about vasectomy reversal on his website.

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Hope and Tim: Vasectomy Reversal Success!!!

In this 2 minute video Hope and Tim take us through their decision to go ahead with a vasectomy reversal, their decision to choose Dr. Friedman and provide praise for Dr. Friedman and his staff. Tim's vasectomy was performed by Dr. Friedman many years ago. When Tim and Hope married they wanted a child together and contacted Dr. Friedman to ask about reversing the vasectomy. In particular, they wanted to know the success rate of a vasectomy reversal surgery. They decided that Dr. Friedman's success rate and overall expertise gave them the best chance for success. After the vasectomy reversal, pregnancy was successful and they now have a beautiful young daughter, Daisy. Daisy even makes a guest appearance.

Jullian and Kelley - Life Sure Does Change

After doing their research and meeting Dr. Friedman Jullian and Kelly decided to go forward with a vasectomy reversal. Dr. Friedman educated Kelly about the surgery and Jullian was convinced by Dr. Friedman's success rate. In this video clip, the couple take us through their experience.

Life sure has a way of changing in unexpected ways. Julian was sure he did not want any more children after his previous marriage. Then Kelly came along, they married and both wanted a child together. Dr. Friedman made Kelly feel comfortable about her decision. Both before, during and after the vasectomy reversal surgery Dr. Friedman and his staff made them both feel at ease and comfortable. Jullian and Kelley couldn't be happier with their choice of Dr. Friedman.

David and Teresa's Christmas Decision

Seven years after David's vasectomy, his wife Teresa said that for Christmas, she would like another child. They decided to consult with Dr. Emanuel Friedman. In this short video they share their happy story and give insight into the caring professional treatment received from Dr. Friedman and his staff. Teresa describes her patient satisfaction by saying how helpful Dr. Friedman was. David states that Dr. Friedman's staff treated him like family. The vasectomy reversal was a success and now, two years later they are counting down the days before the birth of their new child.

Kim and Bob: They Did the Research

After a great deal of research, Kim and Bob have concluded that using Dr. Friedman to perform Bob's vasectomy reversal was their best choice and only option for a high rate of success. They were determined to have a baby even though Bob had undergone a vasectomy. Kim describes how Dr. Friedman's staff was wonderful and how Dr. Friedman patiently answered each and every one of her questions. Dr. Friedman eased Bob's anxieties and concerns. The patient satisfaction is such that Bob feels more confident than ever about their chances for success before the vasectomy reversal surgery. They both look forward getting beyond this step and moving forward with the vasectomy reversal.

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Click Here - For more information about vasectomies on vasectomy reversals on Dr. Friedman's website, His international vasectomy center called Metrowest Urology is located in Natick (Boston), MA. The website provides comprehensive information regarding Dr. Friedman's vasectomy reversal success rates and the procedures (no-scalpel vasectomy and no-scalpel vasectomy reversal, including vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy techniques). It includes an overview of vasectomy reversal, what to expect during the vasectomy reversal procedure, including outcomes and what determines the success rate of a vasectomy reversal.

Dr. Emanuel Friedman and his entire staff look forward to welcoming you to New England at their international vasectomy reversal center in Natick (Boston) MA.

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Conveniently Located

From Logan International Airport in Boston, the drive is thirty minutes to Dr. Friedman's international vasectomy center. The clinic is easily accessible along Mass Pike (I-90). Parking is free. Alternately, arrange to be picked up from the airport or the train station and dropped off after the vasectomy reversal, The world-class staff ensures your visit will be as comfortable as possible. Contact them to schedule a consult and surgery during the week and also on weekends, by special arrangement.

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