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Vasectomy Reversal in Liberia, Costa Rica
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Calgary Vasectomy - Dr. Pierre Crouse

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Dr. Pierre Crouse

Vasectomy Doctor in Calgary, Alberta

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Vasectomy Calgary Dr. Pierre Crouse Main office: Intramed Medical Centre
3223 17th Ave. SW,
Calgary, AB. T3E 7R8
Phone: (403) 255-6196
(403) 255-1166
Website: Vasectomy Calgary

Vasectomy Cost and Scheduling

In Alberta, the cost of a vasectomy is covered by provincial insurance plan, the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). This means the price of a vasectomy involves little in the way of out of pocket expenses. So for everyone vasectomy is a low cost choice.

If interested in a vasectomy, scheduling your initial appointment can take place within a week or two. If a referral comes from a doctor for the vasectomy, the response time is usually the same day. E mail contact usually takes 1-2 days.

During your initial appointment Dr. Crouse will want to ensure a vasectomy is appropriate for you. Dr. Crouse will examine you. It is also an opportunity to bring your spouse to assist with asking questions and to discuss any concerns you may have about the vasectomy.

After the visit, the vasectomy can be scheduled within a week or two. For men who live far away (outside Calgary) having their vasectomy on the same day can be arranged. 3 months after the vasectomy a semen analysis is required to confirm vasectomy success. Then arrange a follow-up visit to examine the site of the vasectomy and confirm vasectomy success.

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More About Dr. Crouse's Vasectomy Practice

Dr. Crouse immigrated to Canada in 1991 after achieving his medical degree in South Africa in 1982 and post graduate diploma in Anethesia in 1990. After emigrating he achieved his LMCC in 1993 (Licentiate Medical Council of Canada). In Canada, he continued to perform anaesthesia and general surgery including appendectomies, tubal ligations, C/sections, etc.

In 2001 he relocated to Calgary, Alberta where he now performs minor surgical office procedures, such as vasectomies, infant circumcisions, skin biopsies/excisions etc. In 2002 he furthered his education by learning the no-scalpel vasectomy technique.

As a doctor with extensive surgical and anaesthesia background, he is convinced that the no-scalpel, no needle, open-ended technique for vasectomy with, no-needle anaesthesia is the most effective and painless method available.

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