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Indianapolis Vasectomy Doctor - Dr. Donald Snyder

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Dr. Donald Snyder

Vasectomy Doctor in Indianapolis, Indiana

Vasectomy Indianapolis Indiana (Greenfield) Dr. Donald Snyder Main office: 4725 Statesmen Drive
Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Phone: 1-888-No Stork (667-8675)

Cost of a Vasectomy Surgery in Indianapolis, IN

The cost of a vasectomy is among the most common questions and vasectomy is probably the most cost effective form of birth control there is. At Dr Snyder's Indianapolis vasectomy clinic, he helps keep the vasectomy cost low. Interest free financing through Care Credit. His vasectomy clinic accepts Anthem, United Health Care, Cigna, and many other insurance companies. Cost of a vasectomy (NNNSV) when insurance coverage is involved can be confusing. Dr. Snyder's staff is able to obtain an accurate cost estimate for what the likely out-of-pocket expense will be for you. This information can be given to you even before you make an appointment, if you supply his office with the necessary information, so call or email him today to get your estimate.

He can usually schedule your vasectomy within 2 weeks, and a single visit to the office is all you need for the consultation and procedure. This efficient approach saves you money with less time away from work and fewer co-pays and office visit costs. The follow up semen analysis is also included in the price of vasectomy at Dr. Snyder's clinic.

Why the No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NNNSV) Method

Dr. Snyder is the first Indianapolis vasectomy doctor to adopt NNNSV. Besides his skill, he credits providing the best outcomes possible by using the most up to date vasectomy method. His vasectomy surgery involves cautery combined with burying one end of the separated vas deferens beneath a layer of tissue for the highest vasectomy rate of success possible. He is able to do this without using metal clips inside or stitches outside for immediate and long lasting comfort. An "open ended" vasectomy procedure technique is one of the best ways to reduce vasectomy related pain after the healing is done, and Dr. Snyder employs this technique to prevent post vasectomy pain syndrome. By utilizing only the most current vasectomy techniques that are proven to be superior in clinical studies over other techniques, he strives to be the best vasectomy doctor in Indiana.

Message From Dr. Snyder

NNNSV is not a gimmick as some doctors, who only offer traditional vasectomies might lead you to believe. Traditionalists, generally use a knife to make two openings in the scrotum that need to be sewn shut with sutures. Many studies have shown that no-scalpel vasectomies have fewer complications (less major bruising, and lower infection rates) than traditional vasectomies. In fact one large study from Thailand used the same doctors to perform vasectomies using both ways to prove that the no-scalpel vasectomy technique, and not just the doctor, had the best outcomes. No-needle anesthesia results in less anxiety and pain, and compliments no-scalpel vasectomy perfectly. After a small amount of numbing medicine is sprayed into the skin, one opening is made that is so small, it not only needs no sutures; it is even difficult to see once the procedure is done.

More About this Indianapolis Vasectomy Doctor

Donald P. Snyder, MD is a native of Indiana who has offered no scalpel vasectomy (NSV) since 2002. Having obtained extensive training and experience with no scalpel vasectomy, Dr. Snyder is the first physician in the Indianapolis area to provide No Needle anesthesia for increased vasectomy comfort. He, along with his staff; take the time to insure that an individual or couple possess the information he/she/they need about permanent birth control.

Together with Dr. Snyder, the patient decides if vasectomy is the best option; then the no needle no scalpel vasectomy (NNNSV) procedure is carried out in his office. He offers the best vasectomy technique for a rapid recovery. Besides technical skill, experience, and a superior success rate, patients also demand convenience, comfort and a simple explanation of what no-scalpel vasectomy will cost them. Dr. Snyder offers this with one stop convenience for those who prefer to avoid the extra cost and time associated with a pre-procedure visit. Furthermore, there is no need to return to his office after the procedure as he provides a kit so that a semen specimen can be produced at home and then sent to him at no extra charge when it is time to confirm the vasectomy has been successful.

This Indianapolis vasectomy doctor regards your privacy and discretion as sacred. To doctor Snyder, it's as important to him as it is to you. He is the only one in the office who examines you, prepares you, or sees you in your most vulnerable situation.

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