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Vasectomy Reversal in Liberia, Costa Rica
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Vasectomy Reversal Cost

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Shane T. Russell, MD

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Vasectomy Reversal Cost: $6,300.00 - Plus Possible Refund

The $6,300 covers the entire cost of the vasectomy reversal procedure, including anesthesia, surgery center and procedure fees. In addition, regardless of the type of surgical connection that will be necessary (vas-to-vas or vas-to-epididymis) the vasectomy reversal cost is the same. Dr. Russell charges a single fee for the vasectomy reversal in order that there will be no hidden charges. This special price requires payment in full, upfront, since it represents a discounted low cost vasectomy reversal. 

The only expenses not covered under this plan, are the recommended blood tests, which are usually covered by insurance and semen analysis tests, after the vasectomy reversal. Semen analysis will be performed at a local fertility laboratory convenient to your home, 3 months later. The results are sent to Dr. Russellís office, who then contacts you with the results. Sometimes this extra vasectomy reversal cost is covered by medical insurance, but is typically $125.

Optional Sperm Freezing (Sperm Banking)

At the time of the vasectomy reversal it is convenient to remove sperm in case the vasectomy reversal is not successful. In such cases the sperm is available for use utilizing vitro fertilization and sperm microinjection. It is a topic worth discussing with Dr. Russell in case this option will right for you. Dr. Russell removes the sperm from the testicle and the sperm is then frozen and stored at a sperm bank. For the additional operative time involved, the cost is $350 and the local fertility lab charges approximately $1000 to freeze and store the sperm for 1 year; and then, $1/day storage fee after the first year. Sperm can be shipped to any other IVF lab around the country at a later date if needed.

Financing Options

The cost of a vasectomy reversal procedure is rarely covered by insurance. The prepaid discounted reversal price is $6,900.00. All or part of the procedure can be financed, and a discount is given for any part of the total cost that is not financed. By way of example, if financing were to represent 100% then the non-discounted price of $7,400.00 will apply. Financing is provided through

Vasectomy Reversal Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus Shane T. Russell Offices: Three Locations:
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Suite 150 Kettering, OH 45429 and
513-434-6344 Cincinnati
2000 Joseph Sanker Blvd
Cincinnati, OH 45212
513-841-7500 Columbus
540 N. Cleveland Ave., Ste 100
Westerville, OH 43082

If you have any further questions regarding the cost of a vasectomy reversal Dr. Shane Russell invites you for free consultation. Contact him using the contact form, by phone (leave a message at his Dayton office , phone 937-434-6344) or book an appointment. He will be happy to discuss your questions regarding of vasectomy reversal success cost or any other concerns you may have.

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  • In Cincinnati 2000 Joseph Sanker Blvd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45212
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  • In Columbus 540 N. Cleveland Ave, Ste 100, Westerville, Ohio 43082
    Phone 614-895-3333

Dr. Russell can assist you in achieving your fertility goals. For more information please visit his website at If after reading his website you have specific vasectomy reversal questions, Dr. Russell looks forward to answering them free of charge, either by E-mail (at or by talking directly with you by telephone, which can be requested by calling 937-434-6344. has not evaluated the surgical skill of this Ohio doctor who performs vasectomy reversal for patients coming from throughout Kentucky and Ohio. We offer no guarantees about this information and the procedure. As a result, this website neither makes referrals nor recommendations for any particular vasectomy doctor, no-scalpel vasectomy or vasectomy reversal doctor in Ohio and Kentucky. In Ohio this includes Akron, University of Akron, Canton, Malone University, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Lima, Columbus, Mansfield, Sandusky, Springfield, Steubenville, Toledo, Youngstown and including Southeastern Ohio. In, the state of Kentucky this includes the nearby towns of Covington, Newport, Villa Hills, Fort Mitchell, Fort Wright, For Thomas, Erlanger, Burlington, Independence, Union, Florence, Cold Spring, Alexandria, Lawrenceburg, Edgewood, Rouse, Bromley Latonia, Southgate Crescent Springs, Lakeside Park, Ludlow, Highland Heights and Louisville. By using this location service that locates vasectomy reversal clinics and doctors in your area, and offers general information about the vasectomy reversal surgery and who search reversing vasectomy (reversed), reverse vasectomy cost, reversal of vasectomy, microsurgical vasectomy reversal, vasectomy reversal surgery and other terms, you acknowledge and agree that is not liable for any harm or damages related to your use of this service. We strongly encourage you to investigate the experience of any doctor or specialist whose care you are considering.

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